1. Preface

In this brief overview we want to explain the evolution of the advertising object from the early 1900s to the present day through the changing of objects, materials and shapes. The industrial production of various goods has prompted the need to identify communication tools to raise awareness and make people appreciate the products on the market, both for their usefulness and to recognise membership in a social class. So, the advertisement becomes more "powerful" when matched with objects having different and eye-catching shapes (or fashions), stimulating consumer demand of the potential buyer.

2. 1900 - 1920s

We are at the dawn of the advertising object and the materials used are mainly tin, plaster and glass. The first advertising pendulum clocks appear.

3. 1920 - 1930s

Given its fragility, plaster is gradually replaced by pottery. The first jars of black cherries, trays, ashtrays and lithographed plates appear.

4. 1930 - 1940s

Linked to this period are the wooden crates for transporting products. Pottery ashtrays (including those of the shipping companies) become widespread. The first enamelled plates and thermometers appear.

5. 1940 - 1950s

At the end of World War II the production of advertising objects starts again. Materials and objects become more and more different. It ranges from enamelled plates to pottery ashtrays, from jars of black cherries to glass jars.

6. 1950 - 1960s

In the production field of advertising objects the decade 1950 - 1960 is my favourite for shapes, materials, colours and graphics. It is also the decade of the debut of "Carosello", the legendary RAI advertising broadcast that defined an era and has remained in the hearts of all Italians. In this decade of the so-called Italian economic boom companies invest heavily in advertising and thus we see appear a myriad of promotional items made of various materials: wooden toy trucks, wooden boxes, coffee dispensers, pottery and metal displays, counter and wall electric signs, ashtrays of various forms, counter advertising, tin boxes, mirrors, enamelled plates, pottery jars of black cherries, tin trays, glass jars, etc..

1957 - 1977: Carosello